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Rescue your family history

All types of physical film and tape media degrade over time. This means that the 8mm films of you and your siblings growing up, your wedding video on VHS, Hi8mm, or all those mini DV tapes that come out of your videocamera are degrading more with each passing year. Slides and Photo prints too!

Third Man Media can transfer virtually all types of media to a professionally edited DVD. This is your family history,
don’t wait!
Basic DVD Scrapbooking

This service includes transferring of media, basic editing and the following:

Customized Chapter Navigation
Custom DVD Case
Music Highlights
Archived Printable Images

Third Man Media offers professional restoration services for still photos and slides. Creases, tears, dirt and color balance can be corrected. So, whether you choose our basic or enhanced package, you’ll be surprised at how much better your photos and slides look.
Motion film restoration is also available in our packages.
Enhanced DVD Scrapbook Services

Includes all of the above plus a professional editing package customized to your unique needs. With our enhanced services, you have the ability to combine photos, film, slides or video tape media into a family memory that will last for generations.  You may also provide us with your own legally purchased music for use on your DVD. This one-of-a-kind treasure is perfect for gift giving or for your own personal library.

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