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Film Format:
In Base Price
Maximum per DVD
8mm, Super8 movie film
Example: A 3 inch reel equals 50 feet.
A 5 inch reel equals 200 feet.
A 6 inch reel equals 300 feet.
A 7 inch reel equals 400 feet.
250 ft. and 18¢ a foot
1600 ft.
16mm movie film 250 ft. 18¢ a foot thereafter.
3200 ft.
Don't forget copies for your family!
Duplicate DVD's:
$12.00 Per DVD
35mm Slides
Slides must be in plastic or fiber frames-no metal frames, carousel trays or binders.
per 80 slides
1,000 slides
Digitized images are high resolution JPEGs
Duplicate DVD's:
$12.00 Per DVD
Sizes 2"X2" to 8"X10"
per 80 prints
1,000 prints
Digitized images are high resolution JPEGs
Video Tapes
BetaMax • Hi-8 • Digital 8 • MiniDV
Accepted PAL formats: VHS, VHS-C, S -VHS
up to 2 tapes, up to
two hours total time.
2 Hours
Extended play tapes over 2 hours reinitiate the $30.00 base price
Duplicate DVD's:
$12.00 Per DVD
Hourly rated
35mm, 120, 4x5m, 120, 4x5, Glass mounted or metal frames slides.
$75.00 per hour
Photo Restoration Services
$75.00 per hour
Call: 978.884.9518
Prices subject to change without notice